Should I Buy a Dell?

If you are asking yourself if you should buy a Dell computer.


Take a few minutes and look around this site, check out the consumerist, the BBB and RipoffReport. They have the worst customer service known to exist on the planet. If you want your story to be heard, you will have to tell it to at least 20 different people as they transfer you through their outsourced network of lies and deceit. Dell Computers are terrible. Don’t believe me?

Where does that link take you? Oh just straight to Dell’s home page.

Here is a link to my story on the RipoffReport.

Click here to read my story on how Dell screwed me over based on their own internal error.

Susan Thomas, the “Executive” Customer Service Rep, is there to maximize profits and minimize losses. She is terrible with people, does not listen and is literally the only “higher up” person available to talk to.

She proceeded to tell me that she wasn’t sure why over a dozen employees would state that my warranty was based out of Canada. That the 50+ hours I spent on the phone in the past 2 weeks, not to mention the countless hours over 2 years, were inexplicable because my warranty had been switched the day my computer was bought. Yet I couldn’t access it, I couldn’t even access my account, because they told me it was Canadian. Time and time again, yet magically 2 years later, Susan Thomas hopped in her time machine, went back 2 years and fixed my warranty. Susan Thomas – The Worst Customer Service Representative Ever. Think “Anonymous”, when you Google your name. I will not forgive, I will not forget. Expect me.

- A Pissed Off “Loyal” Dell Customer



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